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Understanding the Handling.Meta for flying vehicles.

  • If you are looking for what the values in the Handling.meta file mean or just want to increase the speed of aircraft like i was a few hours ago, i think i roughly got it.

    To increase the speed of aircraft you want to be mainly tweaking the fThrustFallOff Value. if you increase this the aircraft will have a slower topspeed and if you lower it it will go faster. i have a few values for almost all the aircraft to make the jets faster (like lazer/hydra etc. value i used for the lazer is 0.000088 BTW). They can now reach 350 kmh which is realistic i feel in gta and doesnt feel like your skipping half of the map.

    Make the adjustments very minimal (from 0.000088 to 0.00009 would be like an 10-20kmh increase) so dont rush it. I also red somewhere from another user that if you put it into 1.000000 it will instantly go max speed with 1 tap.

    Fthrust i think is related to the speed the aircraft has on the ground (while the wheels are touching the floor). Fmass, doesnt do a whole lot either.

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