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How to play GTA V with mods but still be able to play online?

  • So I’m very new to modding so excuse me if this is a dumb or obvious que https://xender.vip/ stion. I really like to play online but also wanna play around with some mods so my question is, is there a way to do both. Like for example download the game two times and only install the mods to one if that makes sense? Would really appreciate help. Thank you. https://omegle.onl/

  • @hinakuras
    I just have one folder that's all vanilla for GTAO and one folder for mods. This way there's zero bleedover to deal with

  • @Anonymoused281 I have 13 Mod folders, but not for SP vs GTAO, for stability reasons. All are SP, which share one common DLC folder which i moved to the root and modified the path within dlclist.xml. Actually stability is not the only reason, many of these mods are in the sky or another location where they destroy the immersive gameplay, like being on venice Beach and seeing a racetrack in the sky above.

    Each one has a mega world like Liberty City or San Andreas. I have a batch file system which identifies the current mod folder and then renames the selection instantly, loading Steam and game in one key stroke.

    Unfortunately each needs their own update.rpf because each one has a subset of the complete dlclist.xml.
    Would love to find a way around this but don't think it's possible because rpf are encrypted.

    If only there was a way to change the path to dlclist.xml itself....there must be but it is buried somewhere.

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