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Model name old maquis in the desert.

  • Hi, I would like to create my first vehicle, using this boat.

    alt text

    I tried to find the model name with codewalker, but codewalker doesn't seem to work on my pc. It opens, but then I can't move... I can look around with the mouse, but the wheel and WSAD don't seem to do anything, and when they do something, they go and never stop :(

    Can you help me understand what model name the boat has and maybe where to extract it with openIV?

    Or to understand if something is missing on my codewalker or if it is my pc that cannot make it work?

  • Thank you.

    I found the boat, but there are other models too, I just want the boat to make it a vehicle.

    alt text

    So to get rid of the other elements, I downloaded zmodeler, extracted ydr and textures, and imported ...

    But nothing, just errors...
    alt text
    is the first time I've tried to do something like this, and maybe I didn't understand anything, but am I missing something?
    Suggestions? Tutorial links? help?

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