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The number of DLC and their correct configuration. I need help.

  • Problem. The number of DLC is about 400 pieces. (tuning conflicts)the DLC has setup 2 where the parameters are specified

    so, in order for everything to work correctly, I have to change the values by brute force so that all the dlc will work. I'm tired of brute force.
    Who understands this - make it clear.
    I put 9, but after a certain number of addons from official dlc machines, the tuning disappears
    ,or if I have 400 addons, then I need to number each one (in setup2) from 1 ... 400?

  • @DlmD can you clarify your problem? Really don't understand.

  • @JohnFromGWN ((sorry for my English), I think I have found what was the problem
    I have not loaded tuning in official dlc(because a lot of Addons), for example in the lowrider dlc in setup 2, was set to 31, I replaced it on the 9 ( I don't know why 9 it founded on the forum) and tuning earned, though patchday8 already installed value is 9 and there if you replace the number nothing happens.

  • @DlmD Are you talking about the sort order, the way the DLC is loaded so that old patches don't overwrite new ones? If so, you should be increasing the number, not decreasing it AFAIK.

    Also, if you have replace vehicle mods, put them in the latest patch (26) to ensure they are loaded over previous ones.

    I hope I'm understanding your problem correctly.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yes, sort of, thanks, I've already fixed everything except "lurcher" in patchday8 (there is no replacement there, just a stock car) no matter how I change the value in setup2, tuning does not work on it, and there are no conflicts in the ID kit

  • @DlmD change the mod kit id, how do you know there isn't a conflict with an addon?

  • @JohnFromGWN, yes, you were right (the addon conflicted), thank you

  • @DlmD good!

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