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Game crashes if I have more than ~10 car mods in dlcpacks (no error message)

  • My game crashes with no error message if I have too many files in dlcpacks. I have like 10 cars which I added and the rest are GTA dlcs (which I don't thing I should delete). Pls help.

  • @ree248 You're describing an issue that has been posted thousands of times but you aren't providing any helpful information.

    Are you using an updated version of GTA5 (after the December 2021 Contract Update)?
    Does your game run properly for an hour or so without any mods at all (realize it will crash with more than 10 mods) - just want know if it is stable in vanilla.
    Have you looked at the asiloader.log and scriptHookV.log files in your installation/game/root folder?
    Do you have an updated gameconfig.xml mod file along with a heapadjuster and a packfile limit mod?
    When you say you have too many files in dlcpacks, do you mean you manually created a pack with many cars? Unclear what you mean.
    What other mods, scripts, trainers, asi, do you have installed?

    Most likely cause, without having any info to help troubleshoot, would be a gameconfig issue.

    With respect to GTA dlc, they will not cause issues because they were designed to work.

    This might help:


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