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A question of Changing Replacement Vehicle Mods to Addon

  • Hey, I got the above question. Can I just simply change the .yft and .ytd files name and pack it into a folder as a new addon DLC pack? Just like the format of the other Addon Packs~ Thanks for the help if you can!

  • @wiryryanwu Not really. There are many ways to do this, all easy, but all require attention to detail.

    The manual way: use an existing vehicle dlc.rpf as your template and make sure you change all the reference names to your model (content.xml, data files like carvariations, handling, and vehicles.meta, etc) including the actual yft/ytd names in vehicles.rpf - as you wrote above and those in the mod kit if present. Don't forget to add sound if missing.

    The mod way: there are many mods to do this. For example this one:


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