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Is there a mod to set gamepad controls keys independently for walking/driving/flying?

  • In GTA you use the same keys settings for walking/driving/flying/etc.

    So if your game has set RT button for accelerate when driving, it MUST use RT button for cover in walk mode.

    I want to change the gamepad buttons for each mode (walking, flying, walking) independently.

    Is there a mod for that?

  • @Flonne But the game itself makes it possible to do this, doesn't it?

  • @Flonne As @Niziul wrote, you should find this in the Game Settings no? I use an Xbox controller, not all the time, with default settings but I know the game allows you to change pad controls just as you can key bindings for the keyboard.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN I checked it out, and the game only allows mouse and keyboard assignments, there is no control option unfortunately.

  • @Niziul That sucks, then he'll have to search for a possible mod, if there is one. I'm playing with defaults, no issues, no need to change myself.

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