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Can i install many OIV packages one after another automatically ?

  • I mean, Is it even possible or what ?, And if yes, Then how can i do it ?

    And also i just don't really care about the arrangement really that much anyway, And i mean that i can just install maybe any package first before or after the other anyway

    So, Just how can i even do something like that in the first place at all now ?

  • @TheJoker9999 No you can't, I don't see how, but let me explain to you what will happen when you do this one after the other, or just one for that matter.

    OIV packages were created to simplify the mod installation process, which is wonderful for new users. But they come with an unsavory side effect. The mod creators who package using OIV don't always care about your current setup and that's when a serious problem occurs. Many OIV packages are designed to work first and foremost with their own mods, potentially at the expense of others, albeit unintentionally. This is when they are packaged with their own dlclist.xml and their own gameconfig.xml.

    So what does all this mean, when you get a "bad" OIV?

    1. The OIV (or OIVs) will overwrite your dlclist.xml and you will lose the ability to spawn your dlc, all those lines you painfully entered manually. No more peds, no more vehicles, no more MLOs you installed. All replaced by what the mod creator had in his own dlclist.xml.

    2. The OIVs will replace your gameconfig.xml and unless you're phenomenally lucky it won't be the updated version you were using. In fact it could be a gameconfig.xml from years ago. So don't be surprised, in fact expect your game to crash immediately or to hang.

    Solution: don't use OIVs unless you've examined the contents. You do that by unzipping them, as you would any zip file. Then you look inside to see what files are included, usually in a folder called contents. A file called assembly.xml will also tell you where files will get installed.

    Holler if you need more help, or proceed at your own risk.

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