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The Business Mega Pack 2.3.5 not working

  • Hi. I installed The Business Mega Pack. But it didn't work. There are no blips on the map and Helper does not appear on the phone.
    Scirpts folder
    Gta folder

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Malanix When you have issues with a specific mod, it's always a good idea to go back to the comments and description on the mod page. You can see if your issue is a common one, look for possible solutions, and tag author for help. In this case you can see this from the author with respect to help:

    If you need help in the comments section , please tag me with @HKH191, if you dont do this i wont receive a notification of you message, also please consider joining my discord you will get faster help in support secton, or directly MESSAGE me if i am online https://discord.gg/XzTK8sf

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