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Addon Car acts wierd. handling.meta & els no siren sound

  • Hello,
    i am new to this topic but i converted a replace car to an addon car. Its working pretty good but for some reason the car acts wierd.

    Could anyone help me out how to fix this.

    Another point is that the car has no siren sound so the lights are working but there is no sound

  • in creating the addon you've missed some key points.

    the handling file needs the Centre of Mass offset lifting significantly. Currently the COM is below ground level (you should be able to see this in the openiv viewer), recommend using the Real Time Handling Editor to find tune where that number needs to be and copy the resulting file when you save it.

    with sirens, chances are you've not changed the audionamehash in the vehicles.meta to point back to the car this was meant to replace.

  • Hello thanks for your answer.
    Could you might help me out with this im really new and even when i set the COM higher the car has a bad handling.
    Would it be possible to write about that via discord?

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