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GTAV 2545 - Updated Free MODKIT IDs

  • Hi all, i've a couple of question for you modders:

    1. how can i find list of free modkit vehicles IDs updated on 2545?
      It's hard at this point (i targeted about 2500 addon vehicles) to add a new bike/car with new modkit....Someone could help me?

    2. In addition, how can i add other addon vehicles in order to see them in the menyoo car spawner selection menu?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • @Erwest Are you creating mods or just installing them? If you have a modkit conflict, just increase the number and see if it fixes it. I don't think anyone is keeping track of modkit ids, sort of a free for all without a registry.

    This might help

  • First of all, thanks for your answer

    I'm just installing mods, and i'm trying as you suggest, but it seems i can't add other bikes...
    If i use in the carvariations 0_default_modkit or 0_bike_modkit, after spawning game crashes...
    In any case the best solution is to stop to add bikes. With cars or others vehicle type, no problem...

  • @Erwest how many bikes do you have installed, i have about 30 I think.

  • 492 is the highest ID currently in use. If you're using any of the major packs, IVPack uses kits 500-550 approx, and VWE uses 800+.

    In my experience, for conflicts, ID's of 600-800 are generally "safe". Do not use an ID of greater than 1023.

    I recommend using the Vehicle ID Getter on here to get a quick look at what ID's are in use.

  • @JohnFromGWN 80bikes

  • @ItsJustCurtis thanks! This tool is very useful to monitoring and identify ID duplicates!

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