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"Open all Interiors" crashes the game

  • Hi.
    I've installed OpenAllInteriors and it works fine, but certain objects and buildings fail to load, which makes the game crash at some locations.
    It's always the "failed to call zlib" error message.
    Removing the OAI files fixes that.
    What would be a possible fix?

  • OAI is a very resource intensive mod. Failed to call zlib errors is usually down to the game failing to load a file that it needs in order to render properly, often caused by memory overloads.

    OAI is best enjoyed in isolation, without other mods taking up resource. Alternatively if you want to access interiors with other mods, you're better off using the teleport functions of other trainers with MP maps loaded instead

  • @ItsJustCurtis Hi, ok thank you for the reply.
    However, if it still gives me the zlib crash after removing all other (not-prerequisite) mods, what would I need to do then?
    Regular map mods work fine, but every mod related to adding online map stuff removes chunks of my map (most notable at the beach for some reason), but won't give me the zlib crash message.

  • Texture loss like you've described is the games attempt at minimising resource use to prevent a crash, zlib error is often the result of it failing to do so. If you're still getting texture loss then it may well be that you simply don't have enough memory available to the game. Try reducing your graphics settings and see if that helps?

  • @ItsJustCurtis
    Hi again, lowering my graphics settings didn't help, sadly.
    The missing map parts are only at two locations and affect like 20% of the map.
    The empty chunks are always the same and for some reason, only mods that aim to insert online features trigger it.
    Deleting them instantly resolves the issue.
    My pc says I only use 1/4 of the memory available, are you sure it is a memory issue?

  • @WGotch07
    I'm playing on the LS Tuner version.

  • @Sup321V I thought Open All Interiors was way out of date and causes issues. Iirc, Enable All Interiors mod is current and more stable.

  • @chonkie
    Yeah so did I, unfortunately it causes the same issue.
    I just tested singleplayeryacht and singleplayer benny's, these cause the exact same issues.
    Everything related with importing online map stuff, apparently.
    Since normal add-on mods don't cause issues.
    Thank you though

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