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Add-On TV Shows/Commercials? Is That Even Possible?

  • In the directory using OpenIV "mods > update > update.rpf > common > data" I found a file called tvplaylists.xml and tvplaylists_x64.xml.

    I think If I were to create a DLC pack, create a custom .bik file with Rad Video Tools, put it in the proper folders, reference it in both tvplaylists.xml files, It would work. Of course it wouldn't play on the in-game television without the use of a trainer.

    I don't know much about modding GTA V, other than creating my own personal textures and sounds.

    So I must heavily apologize if that isn't how that works....

  • @LTMF465 said in Add-On TV Shows/Commercials? Is That Even Possible?:

    Of course it wouldn't play on the in-game television without the use of a trainer.

    It plays without a trainer because that's exactly how trainers do it, with code. You would have to look at the Menyoo source for example. I haven't had time to go further than create and play the video.

  • @JohnFromGWN Actually, I was talking about "adding" more to the tv, without replacing. I know adding couldn't be that difficult. Every update Rockstar modifies the tvplaylist.xml file for every new video inside that dlcpack. This file appears not only to be used by the tv, but for in-game videos.

    For instance "The Diamond Casino & Resort" video that played when you loaded in to online for the first time after that update, Or the animated advertisements in the Arena War stadium.

    Unfortunately, now that I thought about it, I think the way GTA V plays these certain shows and ads on the tv are hardcoded. Meaning they are probably attached to the game's executable. (I think?)

    But that's just how I feel....

  • @LTMF465 no way these videos are hardcoded to the .exe.

  • @JohnFromGWN I just looked at the tvplaylists.xml file again. It contains all the data to "load in" the .bik files stored in each dlcpack. such as duration, the file name, and the video file name.

    here's part of what I see:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <fDuration value="620.620667" />
    <bNotOnDisk value="false" />

    not sure what the bNotOnDisk part means though....

    I feel like the regular "filename" part is referenced somewhere else making the game play these on tv, but I have no idea where.
    I wouldn't say the executable this time

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