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Has the DLC De-spawn Global been removed?

  • I made a little .net to spawn in all the avalable vehicles to update my mods that use vehicle lists so as to not track a vehicle that is lightly to disapear then ran the game with no trainers or the Addon spawner and none of the vehicles dissapeared. even the ones from the new contacts dlc?

  • @adopcalipt not sure what code you use but when i spawn a car or ped they persist for my whole session or until i delete them.

    However if i spawned a car with a trainer all i need to do is turn the camera away and it will disappear in seconds.

  • @JohnFromGWN, i think that is because the trainer has marked the vehicle for delete to save memory there is normaly a persistance option in the trainer that can stop this. my problem or least conundrum is if this has been added by a mod on myside that i didnt know sets the global or it's happend to anyone else.

  • @adopcalipt Yes I'm aware of the limitations of the trainer, which is why I use my own mod menu to spawn. I'm not sure I understand your issue.

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