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A decent solution for fixing update issues

  • So far, after the Contract update, we've identified:
    1. mod/script no longer works issue. This is expected, it can happen with any update.
    2. collision mess. This is a much more serious issue causing users to fall through the ground on certain maps and with certain MLOs.
    3. game not closing properly. This issue has been recently posted. It is annoying and can also corrupt files.
    4. game will not load.

    Number 4 was a showstopper for me. It was like enough already, "TY and FY Rockstar", I'm reverting back to 2372 cuz i don't play online, i don't want the new dlc and, if i do, i know how to create addons for the new cars and even the ugly new peds.

    For those who can't, or won't, revert because they play online there is a solution for this problem. Unfortunately it requires backups and i doubt most users have those: you need your old version of gta5.exe, your previous gameconfig.xml, and previous ScriptHookV.dll.

    The process
    It involves reverting back, which from past experience, only means replacing one game file: gta5.exe. You will also need to restore 2 mod files: your previous gameconfig.xml and ScriptHookV.dll.

    When you play online just swap the new gta5.exe (2545) against the old one (2372) and rename dinput8.dll and you should be good to go. To play SP, you do the opposite. You once more swap gta5.exe (2372 vs 2545) and ofc rename dinput8.dll.

    Keep in mind that thankfully you don't need to worry about gameconfig.xml or ScriptHookV.dll because you don't replace those, you keep the old ones - they are not used for Online.

    Only issue you might encounter is with SP game trying to load mpsecurity or patch 26 in SP. This works for some users, not for others, so simply rename those 2 folders until you play online again. No need to edit dlclist.xml.

    Remember that dinput8.dll has to be renamed or disabled whenever you play online so that isn't an extra step.

    Unfortunately this may not work as well with EGS because it will want to update. Maybe blocking it with your firewall will work. Steam users will not get nagged.

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