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C# Code Snippets for Scripting

  • This is not a mod, will not get uploaded.

    Visual Studio can store snippets and there are excellent plugins to manage snippets as well. However none done a great job at organizing snippets by category. So I've decided to create a snippet library for myself in HTML but as a local file.

    If anyone wants to participate they can post snippets in this thread. Similarly if anyone is interested in the finished project, I'll be more than happy to share it through the cloud. The coding will be done exclusively in C# SHVDN3 and all snippets will be tested in GTA5 before publication.

    I've just started this and it can be very time consuming as you can imagine. Quotes are a PITA because they often have to be replaced by ". The complete package will contain at least one Html file with CSS and one javascript.

    Clicking on selected text will copy it to the clipboard for use in VS or any text editor.

    Video below best watched directly on Youtube at 1080P or 1440.

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