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(SOLVED)Steering Wheel Angle custom setting not working

  • Hi everyone.

    When tuners update came out, I noticed the add-on cars' steering wheel angle was too narrow, so I opened the vehicles.meta file, looked for the steerwheelmult line, which was set to 0.33, changed it to 1, and the steering wheel angle in-game looked wider, more realistic to my eyes.

    The problem came when the Contract update came out, overwrote everything and messed up all my configs. Not a problem, that was expected so I had backups, and the Tuners DLC cars went back to its original (value 0.33) steering angle, but this time changing the steerwheelmult value does nothing in-game!

    I'm using ENT, and I have the "keep wheel angle on parking" option on (Always did), and if I keep turning while exiting the car, the wheel turns to the angle I set, and if I get inside again, it goes back to the "narrower" angle.

    So my question is: What the hell is wrong here??? I did the same to the BF Club sometime ago, and keeps showing the steering angle as I set it, but also tried on the Savestra, and Mk1 and Mk2 Retinue, but happens the same as the DLC tuner cars. Point of note here, I don't play Online, I keep updating just to enjoy the cars on SP.

    Am I missing something??? I think I looked over all the files that might have something related to vehicles inside the DLC files, and found nothing. It looks like something overrides my settings, but I cannot find it.

    Anyone had the same problem?

    EDIT: Already solved, turned out to be my fault (Of course:laughing: ) as I was editing outside the Mods folder.

    Looks like sometimes works, but not always.

    Course of action: Edit inside and outside the Mods folder :laughing:

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