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  • Someone commented in the native DB: "This function returns the value 100000.0 over long distances, seems to be a failure mode result, potentially occurring when not all path nodes are loaded into pathfind."

    So, is there a way to make it work? I guess the way to do it would be loading the path nodes, but how can I do that? I thought I could use the LOAD_ALL_PATH_NODES native that shows up in the native DB, but it says it was removed in v1180 🙄

  • Well... For the record, this function seems to return distances that don't match the distance shown in the GPS sometimes. This is because the function seems to return the distance in miles, so if you have your GPS set to Kilometers, then, well, they're not going to match.

  • Hi, could you help me? Could you tell me if this SHDN function returns the value in miles or meters?
    alt text

  • @Niziul default is meters

  • @JohnFromGWN oh yes i understand. thanks.

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