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I installed mods on my GTA V and now I have a question...

  • I installed The Flash pack (which includes Zoom and Reverse Flash). The skins are fine except there are no lightstreaks for all three of the speedsters and I can't use their powers.

    Can someone help?

    I installed addonpeds as well as what is instructed in the installation of this pack.

    I installed all the required software for modding.

    I also have installed Ghost Rider (no fire in his head, no powers as well), and BvS Superman. Skin is fine but no powers.

    I installed Psychokinesis mod so that I can fly and hove other powers for Superman.

    So yeah, I need help. I want to see the blue streaks when Zoom is running.

  • Those are only skins, no powers comes with them.. usually.

    For the Flash mod which comes with powers and lightstreaks you can find here
    For the Superman mod, you can find here
    And for the Ghost Rider mod, this one can be a bit unstable and crash the game since its quite old now, but you can find it here

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