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Death turns me into Michael

  • When I die, I turn into Michael and have the blue death screen filter (when you die as Michael you see wasted on the screen and the rest of it turns a bit blue). It's really annoying, how do i stop this from happening??? (this happens when i die as a main character too, trevor or franklin for example)

  • @DyDyRifle hmmm, stop dying?

  • After a few minutes, the police chase gets too intense to survive, so I end it.

  • @DyDyRifle Open Menyoo with F8, then go to Settings and disable Reset Player Model Upon Death (SP) :sparkling_heart: :rose:

  • I tried it, the player still turns into Michael. After that I have a message saying AddonPeds turned the ped to normal

  • @DyDyRifle
    Then it's AddonPeds resetting your model. Not sure if there's a setting to disable it but that's your issue.


    RespawnFix.asi by Unknown_Modder present in the deprecated GTA Space mod does basically the same BUT it only changes the hash itself iirc

  • I found a solution: If I remove the addon ped selector and use the rampage trainer to spawn them, I can keep my character on death

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