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error file pack 3 - corrupt game data

  • guys i need help !! i installed the car normally but i got error file pack 3,and i looked and my carvariations and vehicle data are empty but i didnt delete anything.. now i lost 4 GB of saved cars...someone help how to restore it ?

  • @lordblackhand Uninstall the car. You didn't lose anything unless you hit the delete key repeatedly.

  • @JohnFromGWN i did lose...i deleted the car files but in carvariation and vehicle.meta all text is gone and i didnt press delete

  • @lordblackhand your message is very confusing. If you are talking about 1 mod in a pack then simply redownload it and reinstall it.

    If you're saying you installed a car pack and it magically deleted all your other mods you will need help from Harry Potter.

    Which is it, the first or second?

  • @JohnFromGWN i install every car manually as an addon via openIV.. you have 4 text files ,and 2 of them are missing text completely with all other cars

  • @lordblackhand I'm sorry but I don't understand your issue. If files are missing, reinstall.

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