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  • How to install this or that clothes on your Menyoo character so that you can wear it?

  • Go into player or ped options and look for wardrobe. Strongly encourage you to go through all the menus so you can see what's available and have fun in the process.

  • We are talking about new clothes, from the Internet. How to put it? Where to upload files?

  • @Hart_f I don't know what you mean by clothes from the Internet. Do you mean from Amazon? If you mean mod clothes you follow the instructions that come with the mod.

  • Menyoo has clothes already added. The question is how to add or replace clothes downloaded from this site?

  • @Hart_f as i wrote before, you download the mod and you follow the instructions that are packaged with the mod or on the mod page in the description.

    These instructions will explain where to put the clothes files using OpenIV.

    Search youtube for how to install clothes if you don’t feel comfortable with the instructions that come with the mod.

    Note that Menyoo does not install clothes, it only allows you to view different clothes.

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