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mod keeps rejecting my posts - country specific mods not allowed

  • I don't understand why my post doesn't meet the required standards of Upload guidelines. The moderator told in the comments of my other denied post, that it needs to be country-specific? Were does it state that in the guidelines?
    The post is from 2019.. And I thought it needed updating so that I did.
    alt text
    alt text


  • You made a Danish hospital retexture and it clearly says in the screenshot that country specific retextures are not allowed. Why are you asking here? If you want to upload it so bad go to gta inside like they told you.

  • I'm "complaining" because it doesn't state that in the guidelines anywhere. There are many "country-based" mods around the website, (cars, peds etc.) yet this one is being handled different. I would understand if it was stated anywhere in tos

  • @JustDancePC There is hope one day then that the admins will ban all hair and clothes re textures for the MP Female that completely pollute this site? Or ban having preview images that are flipped 90 degrees so you need to turn your head sideways to view them and the only person who thinks they are really cool is the creator?

  • @FreddieDK From the message, they changed the policy as of December 2021. What they are trying to do, I suppose, is stop the flood of mods that are not mainstream. While your mod will be appreciated by Danes, it is a limited audience, right? And I agree with this policy and would like them to go even further and start removing all the 50,000 different hairstyles for the MP Shemale.


    @FreddieDK Hello. As the other moderator pointed out in the captures you've provided (and now explaining it with my own words) there are some uploads that in our opinion and general moderators consensus do not meet our standards and that's why end getting unpublished/rejected. Note that when we say "standards" many things are taken into consideration but not all of them do apply for every rejected upload.

    Since each upload that gets unpublished/rejected is different and we can't apply the exact same criteria to them there's no way for us to put in the rules topic every single thing we consider before taking a rejection/approval decision. If we did that the rules topic would lose its purely purpose of having the general/most common rules for everyone to adapt their uploads and don't make the process something impossible to complete.

    Also, note that if you see other uploads similar to yours and they're not being taken down it can also be (among other reasons) because are old uploads that never got updated. We don't touch uploads that were approved before the actual rules got added/applied unless they get updated.

    @JohnFromGWN Trust me that in the last months I've done some tens of rejections of MP Female clothes and hair uploads, mostly because they were conversions and uploads without the original authors permissions. Curiously some of the uploaders who got uploads rejected later ratted out others too :joy:

  • @JohnFromGWN 4k+ downloades isn't limited in my eyes. But I get what you mean, and what they are trying to get.

  • @Reyser Okay.. But get me right, it would still have been nice to have known this before updating... There is noway for me to restore the old version as it was on the post?

  • Hi guys!

    With all due respect, i don't understand "country specific retextures are not allowed." Why?. It is mere curiosity.

  • I don't really understand the reason behind banning country-specific content. There is an audience in every country? Just because @FreddieDK is from a small country - that shouldn't keep him from making resources that are targeted his "people"/"country". There is clearly an audience since his old resource has been downloaded over 4 thousand times?

    I support @FreddieDK in this thread and hope the mods reconsider their decision - so @FreddieDK's country can enjoy his development.

  • @Bikbokken I agree with you tbh, Plenty of other sites for the international community to turn to now though, Looks like british vehicles aren't being accepted either now? Either that or its just me idk.


    @FreddieDK "it would still have been nice to have known this before updating..." That would have been a cool feature if it existed... but nope. Sadly there's nothing we can do to warn every single user which is in the same situation as you. About the previous version restoration, please ask that in the comments section of the mod upload to the moderator who took care of it to see if it's a possibility :)

    @Fabito48hd As I have stated in my previous comment there are many reasons for us to avoid approving country-specific retextures and not all of them apply for all the uploads. Still, let's say that one of the most common reasons is that country specific retextures are not the main target or the priority for the visitors and members of this site and community. We try to have a good variety of content on 5Mods but also focusing on the users priorities and available content quality among other things.

    @Bikbokken Don't get us wrong, we're not saying he can't do mods. No one is stopping @FreddieDK from making resources/mods buddy. He's free to make any kind of mods but we as the site "managers" are also in our right to accept/reject uploads that we consider do not meet the current site standards/rules. If he feels his new content must be shared somewhere he's still able to try and upload the content that does not get approval here but in other sites like the moderator of the screenshots of the main post pointed out previously.

    @Wildmandan National/Country-specific as, for example, British emergency mods are a big problem for the modding community. The amount of reports for stolen content, leaks, modifications without consent among other problems was the main but not the only reason for any country specific emergency stuff to be banned from this site. It was a constant every day and we were unable to deal with that much problematic stuff so we had to take a "radical" decision against them back then. Also that kind of stuff didn't help to try and keep a healthy modding community so the best was to nip it in the bud.

    I hope I've been able to clarify something here. If not, I'm sorry but life continues...

  • @Reyser I'm unable to do that since the moderator doesn't respond. That's why I got on forum in the first place :neutral_face:

  • @Reyser Life certainly does continue, its just a mod, its just a game, so I'm not too fussed about things being discontinued, from the end of your response clearly my initial comment seemed to give off the wrong message.

    My apologies, I was just confused . I understood there'd be a viable reason for it, My second guess was copyright issues or something but what you're saying makes perfect sense. I appreciate the explanation


    @FreddieDK The moderator not responding does not necessarily mean you can't. If the comments section of the upload is not closed you can still ask him again there or through Forums DMs (or even through the 5Mods Discord server!). You have 3 possibilities, don't hesitate trying to reach him out unless he explicitly told you to don't do it (which I believe didn't happen).

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