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How to edit the geometry in a ydr file?

  • I recently found this dante's sword https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/dante-from-dmc-5 but the handle alignment on the x-axis is off. I've tried to fix/edit it by exporting the ydr file from codewalker, edit it in blender by simply moving the object by selecting to the alignment I wanted and exported/ imported back into codewalker. It all seemed fine in codewalker until I try to open it with openIV. Could anyone tell me what the issue is. I either get corrupted file or the weapon spazzes out in the openIV model viewer. Thanks in advance for your time if you've read this post.

  • @nanry
    According to OpenIV, that 'w_me_crowbar.ydr' is a locked/protected model & can't be edited.

    Protected Model

    That's most likely why you are facing the issues that you are. For locked models you normally have to contact the original mod author & see if they would be willing to provide you with an unlocked version of the file for you to edit instead.

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