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Game crashing randomly, pretty sure its when i have 3 or more star police

  • Game crashes randomly with mods, seems to be 3 star+ police. Currently have a few mods but ones that change traffic are World of Variety 4, realistic traffic speeds and handling adjuster. Any ideas?

    Also crashed on Random car spawn... maybe theres a corrupt car somewhere ?? How can i check

    Second edit; just stood in a similar spot for ages and fought cops on god mode and fought 5 stars for ages and didnt crash. potentially only 1 type of car spawn while dsrivign around made me crash? Or only when driving???

  • @ChopSpeaking
    I'm presuming there's no error message when it crashes?

    How to exactly diagnose GTA V issues depends a lot on your individual 'mods' folder setup, but generally, it's a process of removing/reverting/editing various parts of the game (after making backups of course), testing the results & then via a process of elimination narrowing it down to specific files. Do it in an order that is quickest & easiest to test. Renaming the 'scripts' folder for example, is a nice quick test. Removing all non-vanilla &/or edited vanilla dlc's from 'dlclist.xml' is another etc.

    I'll outline a process of testing for vehicle related issues. If that doesn't reveal anything, use the same principle on various other parts of the game to figure out where the issue resides :thumbsup:

    Diagnosing vehicle related issues:
    First off, eliminate any scripts you might have. Rename 'scripts' folder > test load game etc.

    Leaving the scripts removed for now, & once you've made backups of the files involved, download & install these empty 'popgroups.ymt' & 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' files. That will remove all ambient vehicle spawns. You can then thoroughly test police dispatch safe in the knowledge that if the game still crashes, it's most likely a police vehicle causing it (not necessarily tho, further testing required etc). To confirm if it's definitely a dispatch/police vehicle, remove them each from 'dispatch.meta' one by one & test the game inbetween each removal.

    If it doesn't crash anymore with the empty files, likely some ambient vehicle causing it. Reinstall your original files, but only one at a time at first, to see if you can identify which file the issue resides in. Then after that, remove vehicles from the files while testing the result in-game after each removal. Prioritising the removal of large file sized non-vanilla add-on/replace vehicles first is probably the way to go. That, or just empty sections at a time etc & narrow it down that way.
    Via a process of elimination, you'll find the vehicle/s causing the problem. If it crashes throughout, then it's likely unrelated to vehicles & you want to move on to testing other parts of the game (mods that edit/add scenarios, add props etc. Also maybe disable all non-vanilla &/or edited vanilla dlc's, syntax check all the common '.ymt', '.meta' & '.xml' files etc).

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