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Reinstalled game - mods that worked now don't

  • Hey everyone. I need help please. I've been trying for hours and I can't get my game to work.

    As the title says, I woke up yesterday to find that my steam doesn't recognize GTA V as installed even though it was installed so I had to delete everything and reinstall the game. After installing, one of my scripts that used to work 2 days ago (Time Scaler) doesn't work now. Also, most of my car mods (I only have 20 car mods) don't work.

    One replace car mod I have works and 2 of my other scripts work though. I have both heap adjuster and even the packfile limit adjuster that I didn't have previously installed in my game directory. I have the latest scripthook etc, everything is as it was 2 days ago. My trainers also work perfectly (Menyoo, Simple Trainer, Native Trainer).

    The main problem are my car mods. When I have my usual dlclist in OPENIV with all 20 cars, I get a crash on startup saying corrupt game data. please reboot or reinstall the game. I really have no idea why they don't work if they worked perfectly 2 days ago before I had to reinstall the game.

    Someone please help me. I've tried everything. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the OPEN IV plugins, running my game as admin, nothing works.

  • An update on this. I'm currently trying to add the car mods 1 by 1. 1 works fine, however upon putting the 2nd one, the game loads fine, but when I try to spawn the car, I get this message ''failed zlib call. please reboot, verify the game data or reinstall the game. I've already tried to reboot and verify the game data twice, everything is verified.

  • @BrianThompson the update broke lots of games. Don't know your specific problem but first step is to check if your game runs unmodded. Next update your gameconfig.


  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you very much. I'll try and see if it helps

  • It's possible that the game is buggy. You can download the latest game updates to try it out. I often download on https://apkcima.com/ , you should try it!

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