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What other html tags do game notifications accept?

  • Browsing through some forums I came across a topic where it is taught to use the "img" html tag to display images in the notification field. After some tests, I saw that it is not something well implemented, since some bugs appear.

    Other than that I found it very interesting and wanted to know if anyone here has already made a more detailed topic on the subject.

    Example and how to:

    alt text

    Native function required for using img tag to work:

    • .ytd file name
    Function.Call(Hash.REQUEST_STREAMED_TEXTURE_DICT, "mpweaponsgang0");
    • <img src='img://TextureDict/NameOfTexture'>
    GTA.UI.Notification.Show(GTA.UI.NotificationIcon.Ammunation, "Ammunation", "Available now in the ~h~Ammonation~w~!", "The ~r~Advanced Rifle~w~!:\n" + "<img src='img://mpweaponsgang0/w_ar_advancedrifle' height='100' width='200'/>" + "\nAmazingly, this beautiful weapon is only costing $~g~20.400,50~w~.");

  • @Niziul This is very interesting. The img tag isn't a great example since it is just a replacement, but like you I'm curious if other tags for example, styles/fonts, etc. would be possible...input, forms, or inline javascript??

  • Nice

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