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Crash when i press E

  • Hi, I've readed a few thread that talk 'bout this ,but no one of these gave me a well help , when i press 'E' on keyboard my game getting crash, no errors o visible issues on log ,i don't find a solution, every script that i've are already tested and re-tested so i'm 100% sure about my script folder is safe and right.Bye and Thanks in Advance

  • @fsix when you have an issue with a modded game first check to see if you have the same issue with all mods disabled. If you do, then you know it's not the mods, maybe do a verify integrity and also close all other programs when playing.

    If the issue only appears in a modded game, then start by disabling your scripts, just rename the folder.

    You should also check your game settings, controls, and check the binding for e key.

    When posting for help please read this post.


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