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Does anyone know why the majority of EncryptedReality's maps refuse to work despite correct installation?

  • For some strange reason, there's been a bug where the majority of his maps just don't work for hardly anyone, including me. Like, it'll work for 1 in 10 users. And it's weird how that's the case. Because it's simply just the usual of adding the folder and then adding it to the DLC list. Yet, they never work.

    And I was wondering if maybe something regarding the content.xml file has something to do with it, for whatever the reason may be. Or, it could be something else.

    What confuses me the most is clearly it works for EncryptedReality, hence his ability to do videos and images of the map. But what is preventing these maps from loading for almost everyone else?

    Try installing his CountrysideViV map or his Stunt Speedway Park V map, and I can almost guarantee they won't work.

    This isn't something that broke from the "The Contract" update, by the way. They've just always been like this. And I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is.

  • @mrwallace888 Adding a folder is the simple part, unfortunately there is no guarantee whatsoever the mod will load as expected. From your links there are some suggestions for fixes you could try, or contact the author if he is still around. When a mod gets that many negative comments and the author never responded/never responds, best to stay away.


    @mrwallace888 iirc I got both of those to work but they needed a different loading method in content.xml, I think why they work for Filip / FV Design is he probably loads them into FiveM which is way more forgiving in ymap/ytyp loading. Then he uploads them as SP Add-On without proper testing it.

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