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Dispatch.meta ? no cops on countryside

  • Hello, sorry to bother you guys but i have a problem,

    since a while i figured the cops dont spawn on the countryside, (they work just fine on the city) and i cant find out why, could anyone try to help me ?

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/9kc3m4ndaz4kvdl/dispatch.meta/file - link to the dispatch.meta because i think the problem is from here but im not even sure

    Ty in advance

  • @Koala77
    So, no police vehicles spawn in the countryside what-so-ever? Or some do, just not all of them? What about helicopters?
    List the ones that do & don't spawn if some do/some don't etc. Cheers :thumbsup:

    Some of your 'dispatch.meta' does look a little unusual:

    • 'DT_SwatAutomobile' & 'DT_SwatHelicopter' set to '<NumPedsToSpawn value="0"/>'? If intentional, that's fine, but probably better just to remove them from spawning completely.
    • Lots of empty 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE' zonetypes:



    but overall, looks like the 'sheriff, 'policet', 'polamggtr' & 'sheriff2' should spawn, just none of the others.

    Easiest way to figure out if the issue resides purely in 'dispatch.meta' would be to install an unedited vanilla version of the file in it's place.

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\dispatch.meta

    Do that first & if that works, you would generally then use that vanilla file as a base & referring to your old modded one, add in your custom vehicles where you want etc.

    Given your modded 'dispatch.meta' pretty much follows the same structure as the vanilla one, you can use something like WinMerge (free) to do it pretty effortlessly (load up both files & it will show you the differences between them, you can then right-click in left or right window & copy that change over to the other). Do it one vehicle or section/difference at a time & load the game after each change to see the result. That way you can be sure what causes the problem when you reintroduce it back into the new 'dispatch.meta'.

    Try the vanilla 'dispatch.meta' at least, & let me know the results. If it's not 'dispatch.meta' at the root of the issue, might be a bit harder to solve.

  • Thanks for your reply bro ! actually i fixed it, the problem was the "VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE that were empty, like you said :100:

    Thanks a lot man :)

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