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Game crashing tried everything to fix even reinstalled game

  • I only play GTA single player and use mods. A few months ago after the game updated my game started crashing. I can get to the menu and after I select single player. It loads for a minute then hard crashes to desktop. No error message. Nothing.

    I updated gameconfig, scripthook. Everything that I could think of. It still did it.

    Then today, I decided to just uninstall the game and reinstalled to start completely over. And it's still crashing at the same spot.

    Can somebody help me. This has been so frustrating.

  • @rush0024 You can reinstall your game 1000 times and if you're lucky it might fix your problem in about 0.00001% of the time. Modded games break because they are modded.

    First thing to do is check if your game runs properly without mods. It should, given you just did a reinstall but it is always the safest first step.

    Unfortunately the update has indeed broken many games. If you have a backup of your gta5.exe and SH5 you can revert back. If not you are going to have tweak your gameconfig.

    This guide may help:


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