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Mission Passed UI

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to get the "Mission Passed" UI, and changed the text to something else?

    Don't know the Mission Passed UI? click here to see what i mean

  • @Youni Probably, definitely by script. Try searching gfx and scaleforms.

  • Well i have tried the BigMessageHandler, the BigMessageHandler class is using the Scaleforms but i still get nothing

     if (e.KeyCode == Keys.F3)
                BigMessageHandler UIHandler = new BigMessageHandler();
                UIHandler.ShowMissionPassedMessage("Nice", 5000);

  • @Youni Most interface elements have to be passed in the "tick"

  • @Youni Try this here:

    Scaleform Test = new Scaleform("mp_big_message_freemode");
      Test.CallFunction("SHOW_SHARD_WASTED_MP_MESSAGE", "Text", "Text", 5);
    //Test.Render2DScreenSpace(new PointF(160f, 40f), new PointF(1000f, 700f));

  • @Niziul Thank you very much, I can see the UI but it disappears very fast, the number 5 in the param isn't the time of the UI, but the Col id i saw on the link you shared. How can i set the time for it?

  • @Youni When you call it, it has to be on tick, like this:
    alt text

    if you don't use it correctly in the tick it won't show up!

    alt text

  • @Youni in "colId" use 1

  • @Niziul It worked!! Thank you for your time and thank you for helping me, i really appreciated!

  • @Youni Play around a little with the functions present in "MP_BIG_MESSAGE_FREEMODE", you might discover something cool.

    I think I'll post something more organized later, I think it got a little confusing.

  • @Niziul Thanks for posting your solution, not sure why you posted an image however when text is a hundred more times useful

  • Example and how to create:

    alt text

    The code example below is responsive for 2560 x 1080 resolution screens with 21:9 aspect ratio.
    alt text
    If your resolution or aspect ratio is different, just use the Render2D(); function, instead of the Render2DScreenSpace();

        private void TestingScaleforms()
            Scaleform NameOfScaleform = new Scaleform("MP_BIG_MESSAGE_FREEMODE");      
            NameOfScaleform.CallFunction("SHOW_SHARD_WASTED_MP_MESSAGE", "~y~Mission Passed", "You successfully retrieved the cocaine");
            NameOfScaleform.Render2DScreenSpace(new PointF(0f, -170f), new PointF(1300f, 900f));
    • Use this function to have more control over how the scaleforms will be displayed on the screen, I recommend using it, because many times there is a problem with the scale shape not being the right way depending on the size and aspect ratio of the screen.
      Obviously some scaleforms have functions that help with responsiveness, but they don't always work, or at least not for me.
    "The first pointer is to the location that the element will be displayed on the screen (x = Horizontal, y = Vertical), the second pointer is the scale of the object (x = Width, y = Height); "
    Render2DScreenSpace(new PointF(0f, 0f), new PointF(0f, 0f));
    • If you call using the one below, it will display perfectly on popular screens (Full HD and with default 16/9 aspect ratio)

  • @JohnFromGWN is that in this case it was to show that the snippet had to be called in tick

  • @Niziul Thank you for posting the text version.

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