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  • the cars brake light just goes out, it's not smooth at all and it gets really weird, is there any way to make it softer?

    img: https://imgur.com/a/GQeQ2AT

  • @kevinmadson
    First off, is it affecting just that vehicle or all vehicles? I'm presuming just that vehicle, but have to check :thumbsup:

    Also, are we talking about the red brake light on the ground? If so, you can reduce the brightness of that in the vehicle's carcols file (either 'carcols.ymt' or a 'carcols.meta', depending on what carvariations '<lightSettings value=' the vehicle uses).

    If just that vehicle, if you link to it I'll give you specific instructions (if needed), but generally:

    • You find the 'carvariations.ymt/.meta' data the vehicle uses
    • Find the '<lightSettings value=' line it uses
    • Use that '<lightSettings value=' number to find the corresponding entry in the '<Lights>' section of a 'carcols.ymt/.meta' (generally light '<id value's 0>~76 are in 'carcols.ymt', higher numbers are usually in a 'carcols.meta' somewhere else in the game (in a vanilla dlc or in the vehicle's add-on 'dlc.rpf' itself etc))
    • Find the '<tailLight>' section for it in the corresponding section of the carcols file & reduce the '<intensity value=' &/or '<falloffMax value=':

    Example (taillight red on ground almost invisible. Edit accordingly, depending on what look you want etc. Higher values = brighter/more intense):

            <intensity value="0.00000000"/> <!-- reduce this value -->
            <falloffMax value="0.10000000"/> <!-- &/or this value here also -->
            <falloffExponent value="16.00000000"/>
            <innerConeAngle value="45.00000000"/>
            <outerConeAngle value="90.00000000"/>
            <emmissiveBoost value="false"/>
            <color value="0xFFFF0000"/>
            <mirrorTexture value="true"/>

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Thanks for the answer but this visual glitch affects all vehicles, in all of them the light appears to be linear/squared on the ground, like the rear/brake light started from a wall
    I'll send another screenshot showing it, I believe it may be some graphic configuration but idk I've already messed with all the settings and nothing has changed.

    sorry my bad english and thanks for you help.

    look this screenshots:

  • @kevinmadson
    If you mean the straight line just behind the vehicle,

    Tail Light Line

    that's how the game is. All the vehicle rear/reverse/brake lights display like that if they are bright enough (it's more noticable the brighter/more intense the values I mentioned in previous post are or if you have the ENB values below set too bright).

    Do you have ENB installed? If so, you can use these values to reduce the brightness of all vehicle rear lights on the ground in one go (it doesn't affect any other lights brightness, just the rear lights on the ground):



    It won't get rid of the red light completely (at night anyway), but it'll make it much less noticable.

    If that's not enough, then you'll have to edit all the '<tailLight>' sections in all the 'carcols.ymt/.meta's that contain light settings. That's what I did, as I didn't like the red light chasing me when I was driving at night. It's not as big a job as you would think. Would only take an hour at most to do manually. Quicker if you are proficient with using wildcards & your text editor's search & replace functionality :thumbsup:

    You could always start with one vehicle & edit the values I've mentioned so far. Maybe try the carcols <tailLight> ConeAngle ones too. See if you can edit things to the look you want first, then if it works, see about applying it to all vehicles etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I understand, I will do what you said on enbseries.ini to smooth out this defect
    I hope it's not just me that was bothered by this lol

    thank you very much for your help, it was very useful :)

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