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How can a ymap crash the game at certain locations?

  • So I have this really weird problem with some ymap mods. Prior to this I thought it was a model file itself that was added with ymap was crashing my game but turned out it was ymap itself...

    I have this mod which adding nothing but prop_veg_grass_01_a model to lots of places (they are about 800 placements) and this thingy crashing my game at certain locations.

    But the thing is... , there are 24 ymap files inside the mod's rpf and if I delete a particular ymap file, my game no longer crashing there (for example around Micheal's safehouse, the area circle is wider than there though, like 2 blocks).

    So I wanted to try some troubleshooting before just deleting the file, and like if I delete some other ymap files inside the same rpf, that particular ymap file no longer crashing the game at that location...

    Also I checked the lines inside that ymap, and every line are correct and that isn't the only ymap file that's adding prop_veg_grass_01_a props around the map. There are also other ymaps that are identical except the locations of the props are different.

    Oh and, there is one more thing. I thought maybe my gameconfig can't handle that much props so I decided to replace all the prop_veg_grass_01_a props with prop_ld_handbag_s and that also fixing the crash...

    So seriously I'm kinda at lost in here and just can't figure out why that particular ymap file crashing the game :(

  • @Aurora11 Hi. Modding is like a black art. You would expect it to follow strict rules and run consistently but it never does right? When I have those issues I always remind myself that the mod was likely only tested and QC'd on the creator's own PC, with their own combination of PC hardware, OS, software, GTA5 settings, and GTA5 mods. So there is absolutely no guarantee it will work on another installation.

    I also remember that GTA 5 was not specifically designed for modding, so the latter is hit or miss.

    I stopped questioning why something won't work a long time ago, except for things that are obvious such as syntax errors or modkit issues. For example, why is it that I have hundreds of peds installed but certain peds, downloaded 1000s of times by others, will crash my game immediately. Why just me? Conflict with other ped?

    Why is it that the fix for missing game collisions works perfectly for many but not for others.

    Why wouldn't the Contract Update run on my installation when it works on just about everybody else's? No longer have the patience with this BS so i reverted.

    You're definitely on the right track, using an excellent troubleshooting approach, but at times you have to wonder WTF is going on and decide to end it or not. You're not at fault, it is that mod with your specific installation - they just won't play well together.

    Anyway I hope you can find your problem and fix it.

  • @JohnFromGWN You are so right :( <3 Some things are just not working... I also tried combining all of them into single ymap but still it didn't fix the problem.

    I guess the next thingy I can do at this point is change prop_veg_grass_01_a to prop_veg_grass_01_b . They look quite smilar anyway. If that won't work either I can try prop_veg_grass_02_a as well. and if that nope too, Imma just delete that ymap deciding it's just not meant to work for me.

  • @JohnFromGWN Happy update :blush: :sparkling_heart:

    I opened up all 24 ymap files and used Calculate Flags and Calculate Extends on each one. After that saved and put them back in. Now game is no longer crashing :sweat_smile:

    I also used the same thingy for that other mod with props I was mentioned and seems like it also fixed that mod as well lol :rofl: :rofl:


    @Aurora11 which mod, is it on 5Mods?

  • @ReNNie It's not on 5mods for now. Paid mod :/


    @Aurora11 k, was just curious

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