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Can ASI plugins or Scripts make your game stutter?

  • Hi all, lately I have been experiencing in-game stuttering/lag that I haven't really noticed before. It seems like its been happening since the new update but I could be wrong :thinking: Its become even more apparent when flying or driving in populated areas. I do not have any addons or graphic/retexture mods when noticing this. Just some ASI/Script mods. When I add Vremastered + Forest of SA the game then will just "pause" for a second at random. My system is more than capable of running all of this smoothly so before I start picking apart my ASI/scripts I was wondering if they can be the cause of my issues? Any help would be grand!

    P.S. ASI loader, Scripthook, and Scripthook.net are all up to date with no errors in the logs.

  • @JohnFromGWN Oops I forgot that I did. My apologies. Though still the same problem, I feel as though I am asking a different question. In any case, Should I remove this thread and ask in the older thread instead?

  • @DugiHowser No, I would leave it here.

    I had just remembered that you had already had posted this issue - because you wrote you hadn't noticed it before. Did not know if was the same cause or not.

  • @JohnFromGWN Ooh. The stutter is the same I think. Maybe worse even? I haven't played in a while :sweat_smile: Hoping to get down to the bottom of this tonight as I'm testing one ASI / Script at a time. Ill update here once resolved, maybe it will help someone in the future.

  • @DugiHowser Onlinemaps enabled? disable them if so.
    Vremastered + forest of san andreas is way too much vegetation to load, those are most likely the reason for stuttering and freezeframes. "My system is more than capable of running all of this smoothly" you can have the best system thats available right now, the engine is still a port from crappy ps3. if you searching for a good vegetationmod try out Beta Vegetation & Props.

  • @MaxLuk Thanks for the advice. We can rule out onlinemaps as I don't use it. However, when testing with Forest + Vremastered + Citylights (I am using the older lighter versions of Forest & Vremastered) and no ASI plugins or scripts the game runs great! Yes agreed they do still drop some frames but I stay around 100fps and best of all no stutters. I drove / flew around and it all was smooth! I did start to ad in some plugins and scripts and left the ones I can live without off for now. I'm happy to say that its all running very well so far. I haven't noticed any stutters or significant frame drops yet. I plan on playing for a good amount tomorrow to really put it all to the test and will update.

    P.S. Ill give Beta Vegetation & Props a try, thank you for the recommendation :smiley:

  • After hours of testing, the game runs buttery smooth. Conclusion, too many plugins/scripts. At least in my case :sweat_smile:
    If anyone is having similar issues and at a loss, try what I did. It may help.

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