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  • Oh *** here we go again...

    Well, the grass has lines at a certain distance from the player (not so much but it's relatively close) these lines move as the game renders the grass nearby.

    Is there any way to reduce/disappear this effect or leave it further away from me so that it is not so noticeable?

    img: https://imgur.com/a/Y2ZRDf0

    edit1: the quality of the grass is already high and no matter what I change in the game's graphics settings (FXAA and etc.) it doesn't change anything.

  • @kevinmadson
    It's caused by Rockstar's poorly implemented grass dithering, but can usually be fixed by replacing the vanilla 'txstipple' texture in multiple '.ytd's with this one (Credit goes to VisualV for creating it) :thumbsup:

    As always, backup any '.rpf' archives before editing & then proceed to replace the 'txstipple' texture in these locations:

    Codewalker Search Results - for "txstipple":

    Main Ones:

    mods\x64a.rpf\textures\plantsmgr.ytd <!-- overridden by 'update.rpf' version above (if both exist), but can replace also if want to -->

    Additional (if required, usually is. No harm in replacing anyway):

    <!-- these last two are probably only required if you have multiplayer map activated, but safe to replace either way -->

    Replacing the 'txstipple' texture in the dt1, bh1, globalfurgrass & plantsmgr '.ytd's seemed to fix most obvious grass stipple issues for me, but I replaced the texture/s in all the files anyway. I did it years ago & haven't noticed any negative consequences since, so you're totally safe replacing them all :thumbsup:

    If you don't have any of the above '.rpf' archives in your 'mods' folder, just copy & paste them over from the vanilla game folder install & then replace the texture/s in them :thumbsup:

    If you have LA Roads or LA Billboards installed there are also 'txstipple' textures here:


    Final Steps:
    Once you've done that, you want to use Ctrl+F3 search in OpenIV to search for each of the '.ytd's listed above one by one & make sure they don't exist within another mod (like the LA Roads/Billboards examples above) or in a different location specific to your game etc.
    If so, replace the 'txstipple' texture in them also.

    Alternatively, you could use OpenIV's 'Ctrl+F3' to find only the '.ytd's loaded by the game right from the start, but doing it step by step in the way outlined above means that if you uninstall, for example LA Roads etc in future, the grass stipple texture fix will still be in place & fully functional in the base game files with no need to track down individual '.ytd's again & replace the texture etc. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I tried to replace the files as you said but I didn't find the plantsmgr.yd inside this: mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\

    then I ctrl+F and there is only this file inside the x64a.rpf as you can see here:
    alt text

    so of the three main ones you mentioned there is only the file in one of them

    Will doing this only on x64a solve the problem or should I look for why is missing in the other paths?

  • what exists in the folder I said before are just these files:

    alt text

    What should I do?

  • @kevinmadson
    No worries, replace the texture in 'plantsmgr.ytd' in 'x64a.rpf'. That will work :thumbsup:
    'x64a.rpf' is the default location, just some mods or people like myself etc duplicate certain files in 'update.rpf' for ease of updating/diagnostics/rebuilding 'mods' folder etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    I did as you said and it worked perfectly.

    alt text

    just worked after replacing file 'txtipple' in theses locations:

    thanks so much for you help :)

  • @kevinmadson
    Nice, glad it worked :thumbsup:

    If you notice the same issue in any other areas, it'll be the original 'txstipple' texture in one of those other '.ytd's causing it (I had to replace quite a few of them to remove the issue everywhere).
    Also, watch out for any mods that might install a 'globalfurgrass.ytd' or 'plantsmgr.ytd' over the ones you have edited or load a different one instead of them & revert your changes etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I'll keep an eye on it, thanks again ;)

  • i have tried this but for me it does not work, may be it work for the grass only but in my case i have used quantv+reshade only (no other mod) and whenever i use rainy weather it seems like dithering effect.. here is the image link


  • @gtavmoding97
    The solution outlined in this thread only works for grass. Maybe try Simple and Effective Dithering. It fixed banding issues I had anyway, might work for your issue if it's related to postfx values, you never know. :fingers_crossed:

    Maybe mess with/zero the '<postfx_noise>'/'<postfx_noise_size>' values in the 'w_rain.xml' timecycle file. I'd say it's likely a combination of things related to noise/dithering/rain/something else that's causing it. Swap another weather for the rain one temporarily & see if it still happens etc. Make backups & then change whatever you can think of until you find something that changes the outcome & then compare files to figure out what is causing it.
    Given it only happens in rainy weather, 'rainstorm_render_drop.xml' or 'rainstorm_render_ground.xml' might be worth having a look at, default them to vanilla if edited etc.
    That's about the only way to fix it, as I can't install QuantV easily (as it's a paid mod etc) & your Reshade to test it myself :/. Contacting QuantV on discord probably worth a shot as well. Might be something that affects other people too, or he might have encountered the issue at some point.

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