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How to change police engine sound without losing siren?

  • In the title...

  • @GTAV-Noob-Modder117
    I haven't tested doing it, but that should be possible if you edit the games '.rel' files. I have a few tutorials linked at the top of my profile page regarding accessing & editing the '.rel' files. The four concerning engine sounds all have info in them. Start with '[ Tutorial ] - How to find the engine sound ('.awc') file for any vehicle' & have a look at the others if you're interested etc.
    You'll basically be looking to find the vehicle you want to edit & then redirecting it's 'VehicleEngineGranular' section's '<EngineAccel>' & '<ExhaustAccel>' lines to that of another vehicle by replacing the hex hashes used (then also editing the '<EngineAccelNPC>' & '<ExhaustAccelNPC>' lines in that same section also, if required/you want to be thorough etc. The NPC sounds are the sounds you hear when the vehicle drives past you, as opposed to what you hear when you are driving said vehicle).

    Alternatively, tell me what vehicle you are editing (link to it if add-on :thumbsup:) & what engine sound you would like it to have (link to that too, if it's an add-on etc) & I'll investigate & see what's possible. I'm confident it'll work, I've just never confirmed it specifically etc.

  • Hey dude. Wasn't expecting to get a response. Well all I'm looking at doing was modifying any default cop car for instance if you were to get a modded cop car from here or make your own, you're stuck with either POLICE or POLICE3 audio.

    I was wondering if would it be possible to use say some kind of high powered muscle SFX from one of the DLC cars and simply combine it with the police sirens.

    I'll look into your rel info. I'm not sure if this can be applied to downloading cars from here though as they don't come with rel files. Let's just use my personal favorite for an example.


  • @GTAV-Noob-Modder117
    You'll be happy to know it works :thumbsup: You can definitely change the engine sound while keeping the sirens. :thumbsup: Test it out & see what you think:

    • Download this game.dat151.rel
    • Backup 'update.rpf' & then using OpenIV, drag & drop & install it here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\audio\config\game.dat151.rel

    Make sure you install it to the folder structure in 'update.rpf' above (ie Not '...\mods\x64\audio\audio_rel.rpf\config')

    • After that, boot up the game & drive any cop car that has it's engine sound set to 'police2'. I tested that Bravado Buffalo S you linked to & it works perfectly. Replace or add-on, it doesn't matter, they both use 'police2' as their engine sound.

    I set it to use the vigero's engine sound. If you have a specific dlc engine sound in mind, let me know & I can edit it accordingly & provide you with the file :thumbsup:

    If however, you prefer to do it yourself:

    • you export the 'game.dat151.rel' to '.xml' ('game.dat151.rel.xml') using CodeWalker's RPF Explorer > right-click file > 'Export XML...'
    • Open the 'game.dat151.rel.xml' file with your text editor of choice
    • Search for 'hash_5C33AD67'. You'll find two, one in the 'police2' "Vehicle" section, one in a 'VehicleEngineGranular' section.
    • In the 'VehicleEngineGranular' section edit these lines to the same as the vehicle with the sound you want to use:



    • save the file & use CodeWalker's RPF Explorer to reimport it into it's original location by right-clicking anywhere within the folder & selecting 'Import XML...'.

  • hey man is there a chance to add sirens on the custom dame.data.151 ?
    i have a custom engine sound for a corvette police car and there are no sirens , i want add sirens on this custom sound because i want more police cars with various engine sounds.
    i adde the sirene wav into the awc and have change in the _game.dat151.rel for the custom sound , <Sirens>hash_5C33AD67</Sirens>
    but its still not working , what i can do ?
    pls help

  • @Donabbazz said in How to change police engine sound without losing siren?:


    hash_5C33AD67 translates to 'police2_granular_engine'. That's the granular engine sound, not the siren sound.



    & see if that works :thumbsup:.

    'hash_49DF3CF8' is the default siren used by police & other vehicles. I've never tested adding a siren to a new vehicle, so there may be other steps, but I reckon there's at least a good chance 'hash_49DF3CF8' will work. Try it out, let us know etc. Thanks :thumbsup:

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