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Cant spend money if you change player model

  • I dont know if this is new or an old issue, but if you change the player model, you can not keep any money obtained or spend any, Kinda sucks, any fixes?

  • @oldhippie64 i guess it's cos the game doesn't recognize any of the characters that's not the three protagonists as playable. i mean, by right they shouldn't be

  • @oldhippie64 The only way is to change the player model files with any of your addon peds through game files. The catch is obviously you can have only 1 addon ped for each character.

    There is also Character Swap mod you can try out. Some says it makes the money works some say not so you can give it a try as well, hopefully it makes your money work.

    If not and if you would like to know how to replace protagonists with addon peds, let me know and I will explain you how <3

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