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Switch Buffalo GTX brakelight <-> taillight

  • Hi guys, i'm not sure if i am the only one bothered by the rear taillight of the new Buffalo GTX.
    To me it just doesn't look right to have the taillights and brakelights that way and i would like to switch them so that the old brakelights act as taillights and the old taillights are the new brakelights.
    Does anyone know who to do that? I've changed the names around with ZModeler in the model file - i did the right thing to the coronas but the emissive textures sadly did not change.
    Thanks for anybody helping!

  • @DominikN98 assign the correct IDs so they will light up as intended. you can do this by selecting the light model and go to properties > general > external state. make sure you're in vertex mode and do this for all lods


  • Thanks man that helped!

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