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Help needed: Adding additional zonetype to dispatch.meta

  • Hello,

    I could need some help with editing the dispatch.meta, I'm trying to add an additional zonetype for the Highway Patrol. There is already a mod which does this called Vanilla Expanded Dispatch but I'd like to use my own few car and ped mods. For some reason this mod works perfectly with dispatching the right cars but if I try to do it it wont work as intended.
    So if I edit the zonebind and dispatch file the same way as for example this mod does, in the countryside no more cars exept roadblocks will spawn. Weirdly mainly when getting 3 stars, Highway and LSPD works with no problems.
    For each Region 3 different cars would spawn so its not like I'm trying to spawn to much modded vehicles; the cars are lore friendly ones so the files arent that big neither.

    I read on some other forum posts that it isnt possible to do such an edit cause of game limitations or some thing but well there has to be a way since there is the VED mod and a North Yankton one with a custom dispatch zone too lol

    Here is an example how the dispatch.meta looks like:

    edit: deleted - files with mediafire link below

    Any help would be very appreciated :)

  • @ImLelNin

    Upload your edited 'dispatch.meta' & 'zonebind.ymt' to somewhere like MediaFire or some such & post the link here so I can get a better idea of how you have edited the files & exactly how they are setup. Thanks

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    I'm trying to add a new dispatch zone to my game. I want that dispatch zone to be for the SAHP so on all Freeways when having a wanted level the Highway Patrol should pursuit the player like in this mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/vanilla-expanded-dispatch-beta-1-0
    That mod does basically the same thing but for North Yankton dispatch: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/north-yankton-dispatch

    To achieve my goal I added a new zonetype like in these mods to my dispatch.meta and changed the zonetype for all Highway Zones in zonebind.ymt to the new SAHP one. To my knowledge the zonetype I added to both files is an unused one in the game.

    These mods work, I tried them out but well I want to add my own car and ped models to the dispatch system. I dont want to change much of the values in the dispatch.meta file, I also dont want any changes to combat behavior/etc. and I dont want/need any scripts so yeah thats why I'm trying to create my own "mod". To my knowledge to achieve this the only files I would have to edit is the dispatch.meta and the zonebind.ymt.

    My problem now is that for some to me unknown reason in the countryside no cop cars will spawn at 3* and 4*. At 1* and 2* however they will spawn, but as soon as I get to Level 3 only some Road Blocks/Strips and a Heli will dispatch. At 4* Swat will spawn normally and at 5* the FIB and Army will spawn too. As you can see when you have a look into my dispatch.meta no more cops will spawn at 5* but thats because I like it that way. Everything works just fine for the LSPD and SAHP tho. Since these two linked mods above work I'm trying to figure out why mine does not work as intended.

    I only use lore friendly car and ped models and as already mentioned not that much too. Many of them are even replacement mods for like the sheriff cruiser, police3 and so on. My only other edited files are the gameconfig, handling, vehicles, popgroups and frontend for the HUD because I'm using a 21:9 monitor. I also installed Simple Trainer, HeapLimitAdjuster, PackfileLimitAdjuster, SirensettingLimitAdjuster and ScriptHookV/ScriptHookVDotNet.

    Here is a link to my dispatch.meta + zonebind.ymt -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/evw4mxqcmmgsf90/zonetype_files.zip/file#

    Any help/suggestions would be awesome, thanks in advance

    edit: btw I already tried it with a new Gta V installation in addition to a completely new mods folder still the same bug/problem occurs

  • @ImLelNin
    So, the only issues you are having are with sheriff vehicles on Wanted Levels 3 & 4 just in the Countryside? Wanted Levels 3 & 4 work in the City with LSPD, SAHP works everywhere (even on Wanted Levels 3 & 4 in the Countryside?) & all other Wanted Levels work as you intended everywhere they are set to spawn?

  • All LSPD & SAHP wanted levels work as intended except the countryside. On 3* and 4* no sheriff cars will spawn to pursuit the player, only some Blocks/Strips and the Heli. The total number of different car models spawning to chase you would be 3 and I don’t think 3 would be to much for the game to handle. I tried reducing it to even only one car but still nothing.

    So maybe it has something to do with the countryside_zone not getting recognised correctly or whatever by the game ? Strange since it just occurs on wanted level 3* and 4*. As we say in Germany: Ich bin mit meinem Latein an Ende.

    edit: not even lspd or sahp cars spawn in the countyside

  • @ImLelNin
    I installed the Vanilla Expanded Dispatch's original 'zonebind.ymt', the one that came with that mod, (ie not the one you sent me) & I took your 'dispatch.meta' & edited it so that it spawned the vehicles I have installed & Wanted Levels 3 & 4 work perfectly in the Countryside :thinking:

    Try using the 'zonebind.ymt' from the Vanilla Expanded Dispatch just to rule that out. I know it's identical to yours apart from the 'Modified for Vanilla Expanded Dispatch' etc comments at the top, but worth testing just to rule out. :thumbsup:

    Further testing required, but I thought I'd let you know my preliminary test seems to suggest maybe one of your vehicles is a bit funky. Here is the 'dispatch.meta' I just used, compare it to yours using DiffChecker or something & you'll see the only difference is the vehicles, I didn't edit anything else.

    Try using mine as a base & change any vehicles that are in it that you don't have to vanilla ones. Try & stay away from using add-on's or custom replace's for this test, just use vehicles that are vanilla & see what you get with that?

  • @a63nt-5m1th So if I saw it correctly you just adjusted the car models ? Does this mean I can't use my own few models ? The models I'm using are for example from 11John11, Jacobmaate, etc.

    Using the zonebind.ymt from the VED mod dint't work either. This is so strange lol. However I will try your suggestion tomorrow but for now I should definitly go to sleep.

  • @ImLelNin
    Yeah, I just quickly ran through it & changed vehicles only. Added the 'vedhpstan' from Vanilla Expanded Dispatch to my game to use in the enum_ad76c606_781vcpv zonetype. That spawned no problem on Wanted Level 3 & 4 also (just on Highway ofc).

    Your vehicles are the first thing that needs looked at & ruled out anyway, but I'm not 100% sure what is causing it. Could be a lot of things, maybe an error/issue in one of the vehicle '.meta' files or the actual model itself, or even something to do with the peds used. I've never hit the limit but having too many vehicles in 'dispatch.meta' can cause spawning issues &/or cause ghost dispatch cars without drivers (Dispatch Ghost Fix can be used to fix that sometimes).

    Edit: (in bold)

    For Ghost dispatch vehicles, just to be clear, what happens is instead of the vehicles dispatching as normal with cops in them & chasing you, you will just find the occasional dispatch vehicle driving around in traffic like a normal ped, just without any peds in the vehicle. Look out for that when you are testing as it might be easy to miss depending on the vehicles involved etc.

    Make any necessary edits to the 'dispatch.meta' I uploaded & test that. You're likely only to need to edit the helicopters & maybe the 'vedhpstan' (if you don't have that installed). Don't add in any other vehicles, keep it as close to mine as possible & see what you get?

    If that works, it's just a matter of adding back in your vehicles one at a time, testing the game inbetween each change until you find the vehicle causing it & then take it form there.

  • @ImLelNin said in Help needed: Adding additional zonetype to dispatch.meta:


    I happened to have a play about with adding SAHP to my own game. Been meaning to do it for a while & downloaded & installed 11John11's SAHP Ruiner as a test. I happened to noticed he has left incorrectly formatted comments in his '.meta' files, that might be something you want to look at as they may be in more than just his Ruiner files :thumbsup:


    His comment:


    should be:


    If you go into his '.meta' files in OpenIV by right-clicking them & selecting 'Edit' & then hit the '</> XML' button at the top middle of the file it will alert you to the syntax error & take you to the line where it exists. Fix any you find by using the format '<!-- INFO HERE -->' or alternatively delete the comments completely & then save the file.

    Do the same to any other add-on dispatch vehicles you are using & then retest Wanted Level 3 & 4 :thumbsup:.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Sorry for the late response, work was long and I had to do some testing until now. It's acutally working now. Turned out that the fix was simple lol: I just forgot to add one line to my dlclist.xml for my Sheriff Alamo; thats why the sheriff cars didnt spawn. Weird since it was only one car that i forgot but for some reason the other cars which spawned at 1* and 2* didnt spawn at 3* and 4* when not adding that one line for the Sheriff Alamo to the dlclist.xml. Never had such a bug before, I thought if the game cant locate the car model it just wouldnt spawn.

    I cant f*cking believe that the fix was so simple, I checked everything a lot of times but I guess I simply overlooked it. Thanks for your help !! I guess without you I would still be searching for a solution.

  • @ImLelNin
    We've all done stuff like that :slight_smile:. Glad you figured it out :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th btw I installed this mod via addon but the s_m_y_swat_01 dont hang off the sides. Does it have something to do with only the fbi2/sheriff2 being hardcoded for this feature ?

  • @ImLelNin
    I think it's because the mod author numbered the seats 1>4 inside the vehicle & then 5>8 outside or something like that. You can only use the runnerboards if you have 4>7 bodyguards following your player. The 4th to 7th bodyguards will jump on the sides & use them:

    LSPD TRU Granger

    but for dispatch peds, they will just occupy the internal seats as you can't have more than 4 dispatch peds spawning in any one vehicle (see below).

    You can have up to a maximum of 4 dispatch peds in a vehicle, no more than that, & it will only work if the vehicle is used to replace the 'fbi' vehicle, no other vehicles will dispatch with 4 peds in them.

    The 'fbi2' & 'sheriff2' can have a maximum of 3 dispatch peds, all other vehicles (that have been tested anyway, but a lot have been tested) have a max of 2.

    If you use the LSPD TRU Granger to replace any of those vehicles named above you will get the number of peds hardcoded to their vehicle name, but I'm pretty sure no matter what, they will just occupy the internal seats unfortunately & would only be fixable perhaps with a script or by editing the vehicle in ZModeler3 & changing around the seat dummy positions (or something similar, I've never used ZM3).

  • @a63nt-5m1th well I added the Tru Granger car model into the Swat_Jeep section in my dispatch.meta for the Sahp Swat (sadly there's no SAHP Granger) to use; but when at 4* the car doesnt dispatch with any peds, had this issue some time ago too. I think its this ghost car bug thingy and the fix doesnt work too. Its just a minor thing not working, the Sahp Swat rn uses the fbi2 and this car model works perfectly fine.

    Some time ago I read online that its hardcoded into the game so that only the fbi2/sheriff2 can make use of the swat_automobile section and the hanging swatties from the sides. Do you know if this is correct ?

  • @ImLelNin
    For Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix did you put an identical to the one you have installed 'dispatch.meta' in the 'scripts' folder? If you edit your installed 'dispatch.meta', you have to update the one in 'scripts' folder to be identical as well.
    There are also other things that can cause peds not to spawn in dispatch vehicles:

    Ghost/no drivers/no peds dispatch vehicles possible causes/fixes list:

    • Too many models in 'dispatch.meta' - Use Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix to fix that
    • No 'FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT' in dispatch vehicle's 'vehicles.meta' '<flags>' line - Add it in manually to fix
    • Incorrect/incompatible layout set in 'vehicles.meta' '<layout>' line - Test other vehicle's layout values in place of it until find fix (you're kinda stuck there if it doesn't work default as you need the 'LAYOUT_RANGER_SWAT' layout for SWAT on the sides/runnerboards)
    • Peds &/or Vehicles incorrectly set up or using the wrong '<DispatchType>' in 'dispatch.meta' (like using cop peds in 'DT_SwatAutomobile' etc). See here.

    From what I've read online I think the Riot, Crusader, Sheriff2 & FBI2 might be hardcoded to SWAT usage in some way (the Crusader doesn't have runner board capability. Riot, Sheriff2 & FBI2 do, but Riot only spawns 2 peds unless used to replace Sheriff2 or FBI2).
    I've not tested runner board capability first-hand, so I'm not 100% sure, but the comments here certainly seem to suggest only Sheriff2 & FBI2 can do it. I'd say that's right, you have to use them if you want 3 peds spawning anyway. Your only other option for enough peds to hang on both sides is 'fbi', so whether or not hard coded, those three vehicles are the only ones that are capable of having enough peds to do it (without using a script anyway).


    Think I might have a solution for using other vehicles in 'DT_SwatAutomobile' & having them still use the runner boards on the side (if the vehicle has them ofc) :thumbsup:.
    I just tested GTA_Combat_Tweaks 0.3 & it has these settings in it:


    [Dispatch Tuning]
    Enabled = 1
    <!-- Makes various tweaks to law enforcement dispatch -->
    DisablePoliceAutomobileFlagRequirement = 1
    <!-- Removes the requirement for dispatched police cars and boats to have FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT. -->
    RemoveSwatAutomobileRestriction = 1
    <!-- Enables use of any vehicle in DT_SwatAutomobile. By default, any vehicle except NOOSEVAN and CRUSADER will have the driver and 2 peds hanging off the sides (in seats 7 and 8 ). -->
    DisableSwatStraphangers = 0
    <!-- 0: All SWAT vehicles but CRUSADER and NOOSEVAN have peds hanging off the side. -->
    <!-- 1: Only FBI2 and SHERIFF2 have peds hanging off the side; all other vehicles have peds sitting inside. -->
    <!-- 2: No vehicles have peds hanging off the side; SWAT always responds sitting down inside the vehicle. -->
    FourManSwatCars = 1
    <!-- Enables 4 SWAT officers in cars. Does not apply to vehicles with cops hanging off the side. -->
    DisableForcedAmbientCopLoadout = 0
    <!-- Cops will use their assigned loadout as defined in pedpersonality.meta instead of being forced to loadout_cop. -->
    RandomizeVehicleOccupants = 0
    <!-- Experimental, may hurt performance. Ambient vehicles will randomly choose from all possible occupants in vehicles.meta instead of taking the first occupant. -->

    I'm happy to say it worked. I tested this Vapid TARV & it dispatched (using 'DT_SwatAutomobile') with one driver & two SWAT on the runner boards, so looks like that hard coded restriction (whatever it was) is a thing of the past now. As is the 'fbi' being the only dispatch with 4 peds (aka 'FourManSwatCars = 1' in 'combat_tweaks.ini') :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I set it up and it worked, thanks again for your awesome support :)
    The game now is so much more fun with the reworked dispatch system

  • @ImLelNin
    No probs bud :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
    Any luck with the FourManSwatCars = 1? ie Have you got any other vehicles other than 'fbi' spawning with 4 dispatch peds yet?
    It didn't appear to work for me when I tried it, but I'm trying it with a completely new dispatch vehicle (might have chosen a funky one etc). I would probably try & get it to work if I knew it was possible tho, so let me know if it works for you. Thanks :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th sorry for the late reply. I managed to do this by adding the two combattweaks files from the Ved Mod. But then also Swat Guys spawn with 4 people in it

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