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Diesel smoke on all cars (vfxvehicleinfo.ymt)

  • I downloaded a mod that puts diesel smoke on all cars, but it goes away after 180km/h. Is there any way to fix it? it doesnt seem like i can find anything in the exported .xml from codewalker that has anything related to the speed it goes away from. Could it be in core.ypt? if it is, what could be it?


    @razeru said in Diesel smoke on all cars (vfxvehicleinfo.ymt):


    think it ties in core.ypt indeed
    iirc razed also edited the exhaust smoke, removing it on most cars as when did you ever see a sports car with a smoking exhaust?

  • @ReNNie nah it wasnt from core ypt, it was some other problem i had and the thing was i wasnt replacing it in fivem files which i used to test but instead i only replaced it i game

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