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PDW, Machine pistol & Brass knuckles Bug Question

  • Hello!
    I was wondering if anyone knew of a fix for the PDW, machine pistol and brass knuckles. For example the weapons will lose all attachments/skins once you load your game. You then have to go to ammunation to re install your weapon attachments when you re load a save. Seems to be only these 3 weapons. Anyone have a fix for this? Did R* fix it in the contracts update? Because I'm still on the pre contracts game version.

  • I don't really know as I haven't experienced this myself but if you use enhanced native trainer there's a option for saving weapons and you can make them spawn every time you load the game. That's how how I load my game with mk2 weapons.
    One thing to note is sometimes when starting missions all your saved weapons will be removed but you can just go and re add them to your wheel via the saved weapons menu on the trainer. if you're someone who doesn't like playing the game with menus idk what you could do but i hope you get a response from someone whos more knowledgeable than me on these type of things

    *One edit, I play on contracts so i have no clue as to whether the ENT from pre contracts has that option so i apologize if my idea isnt that helpful

  • @Sympathy
    Thanks for the response. I use ENT all the time for vehicles so I'll have to check it out for saving load outs. Would the load outs be the same with all 3 characters? I usually try and have a unique load out style for each character but its not necessary for me. Thanks again for the response, I will look into it next time I play.

  • Sadly I don't think you can have separate loadouts for each character as the game will load the weapons into your inventory every time you load like missions (sometimes) and when you die. Just be sure to add them to inventory as saved weapons only will remove any weapons that aren't saved. But just a warning if you have any mk2s in your inventory they seem to always despawn when starting some missions so you will have to manually re add them to your wheel but contracts weapons and others don't despawn so im pretty sure this is an issue with mk2s only

  • @Sympathy

    Appreciate the help, I'll have to mess around with the saved weapons option on ENT to see how it works. Shame this glitch happens to a couple of my preferred weapons though lol. I could have sworn these weapons worked fine not that long ago. Well anyways, thanks again for responding to my post.

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