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How to Convert SP Playermodel clothing to Multiplayer

  • Don't know how to phrase the question so the internet will show me the right stuff, so I figured I'd ask here. I'm kind of new to modding, at least new to advanced modding, I can usually find what to do easily but for this matter not so much.

    You know how when you download a model that replaces for example the SWAT model that in its .ydd file it has all the tasks and accs and heads, stuff like that. Is there anyway to take those tasks, accs, and heads out of the .ydd file and make it its own .ydd file?

  • @SkiMaskTheHumpGod Yes, you can do that but not if the parts(ex uppr, accs) you have are combining are from mp freemode and other peds. I think you can combine everything else except mp freemode.

  • @BorkLaser Okay, yeah they're not from MP Freemode, so do you maybe have a tutorial you can point me to, to do this or something?

  • @SkiMaskTheHumpGod there isn't any tutorial. i found this out by myself. https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/tommy-vercetti-addonpeds-menu

    1. download the mod above.
    2. extract it, copy it and paste it somewhere else.
    3. now go inside the folder you pasted, inside the tommy vercetti folder, you will find uppr, lowr etc. delete all of that except the yft, ymt and the folder itself.
    4. now take the parts you want to combine(uppr,lowr etc), and rename paste them in the empty folder of tommy vercetti.
    5. now rename them as in the first folder you downloaded.
    6. finished, you can now install it as an addon ped.

    if you are facing any problem, reply back.

  • @BorkLaser Dope, thanks.

  • Welcome, also, you can install many drawables in the same folder such as uppr 1,2,3 and so on. Just see the names from that folder and rename the files.

  • @BorkLaser incredibly confusing for anyone who would be new to Modding.

  • @JohnFromGWN I would give him a video tutorial but my pc has some problems thats why i couldnt.

  • @BorkLaser a video would be ideal, but your instructions aren't easy to follow. At least the OP understood you and i know what you're doing but only because im familiar with structure and process.

    For example in step 3 you mention 3 folders one of which is empty in step 4 and one of which still contains tommy files, which is which?

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