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Offline Modding Question

  • To understand my whole situation, I have an Xbox360, PS3, PS4, and an older computer. TIA for any help!

    My 3yr old son really loves to play with me because he loves to see ALL the vehicles and the modifications. He likes “to do” the races (most of the time he makes me do it or he’ll just drive in a line). I don’t play it often because of the violence that can happen. I really just want a way to play offline and remove the NPCs. I wouldn’t have to worry about shooting or running people over.

    I’m open to update the OS on the old computer but console solutions are preferred. I’m not worried about online play at all, just offline.

    Please let me know what my options are.

  • @philisent console modding is not possible. you can play modded gta on pc, that is if your pc is able to run it. look up on how to install the basics (scripthookv, openiv etc). install a trainer as well. idk about other trainers but simple trainer has the option to completely remove pedestrians

  • @philisent There are plenty of other games that focus entirely on races and car modifications that are not Grand Theft Auto

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