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Liberty city issue in gta5

  • Hi

    I've istalled Liberty city remix v1.01 on the version of gta5 1.02545 and the car or whatever i try to do there just goes in the texture or water.
    i have config , script hook v addonspawner, ingame screenshot, no boundary limits, heap adjuster, limit adjuster, native ui.

    Is anyone able to tell me what is wrong with it as i created and did everything as it says on the instructions.
    Is by anychance the version of mod ? can i find another version like 1.02?

  • @DWlad
    The most recent GTA V patch broke a lot of custom map collisions (ie you fall through the map). I really don't know anything about fixing it, but if you search gta5-mods & the net, you'll find info about various solutions to try out & potentially fix it. Also look for updates to the custom maps you have installed as some map authors have released their own fixes :thumbsup:

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