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I need help getting my mods to work

  • Ok so I'm really new to modding I've only seen one modding tutorial but my game suddenly stopped opening and I uninstalled it and ever since then my mods haven't worked I've started a new game I've uninstalled my open Iv and I can't get it to work if there's any thing I can do in like open Iv then please tell me I've been trying to get this to work for a week now but I can't get it to work

  • Im not going to be the most helpful as im not good at modding either but i know what you are going through, ive reinstalled my game easily over 10 times now, but a good rule is to just install mods one by one in in your mods folder making sure you have all the requirements and making backups of every file you change, I also make backups of my entire mods folder every time i install a big mod that changes a lot of stuff but then again i have a 2TB hard drive.

    I would just start by clean installing and making sure that the mods you install are in the right place and not out of date as a lot of mods sadly dont get updated anymore.
    Sorry i cant be of much use but i hope you get some help from someone whos more experienced than me.

  • @Savegeboi1539YT what type of mods do you make bro?

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