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Is there a flag to disable peds' car crash animation?

  • While installing addon cars, I saw there is a flag to disable the hard braking animation. So I was thinking, is there a flag that can disable the collision animation as well?

    The reason I'm asking this as a flag spesific for vehicle, so that I can only disable it in Ramp Buggy :sweat_smile: Because it doesn't makes sense my character leaning forward when I send the other poor vehicles to the sky :rofl:

  • @Aurora11
    No 'vehicles.meta' flags I've noticed, but this should work just as well (slightly more work is all) :thumbsup:

    Quick Test:

    Add the 'NoShunts' flag to the '<SeatAnimFlags>' line in the '<Item type="CVehicleSeatAnimInfo">' section/s that 'LAYOUT_LOW_DUNE' uses.

    Vanilla is 'SEAT_ANIM_LOW_DUNE_FRONT_LEFT' (& 'SEAT_ANIM_LOW_FRONT_RIGHT' for passenger, if needed).
    They are both in the main 'vehiclelayouts.meta' in 'update.rpf\common\data\ai' :thumbsup:

    Full Solution:

    More vehicles use 'LAYOUT_LOW_DUNE' than just the Ramp Buggy/s, so as I'm sure you've figured out, you'll ideally want to create your own Ramp Buggy layout from scratch.


    • Copy & duplicate 'LAYOUT_LOW_DUNE' & the 'SEAT_ANIM_' section/s it links to & edit their names accordingly.
    • Add the 'NoShunt' flag to the '<SeatAnimFlags>' line in the 'SEAT_ANIM_' section/s.
    • Change the Ramp Buggy 'vehicles.meta' '<layout>' line to whatever you call the new layout.

    New 'LAYOUT_LOW_RAMPBUGGY' Layout Example:

        <Item type="CVehicleLayoutInfo">
          <Name>LAYOUT_LOW_RAMPBUGGY</Name> <!-- Create new Ramp Buggy layout... -->
              <SeatInfo ref="SEAT_STANDARD_FRONT_LEFT" />
              <SeatAnimInfo ref="SEAT_ANIM_LOW_RAMPBUGGY_FRONT_LEFT" /> <!-- Point to a new driver 'CVehicleSeatAnimInfo' (see below) -->
              <SeatInfo ref="SEAT_STANDARD_FRONT_RIGHT" />
              <SeatAnimInfo ref="SEAT_ANIM_LOW_RAMPBUGGY_FRONT_RIGHT" /> <!-- Point to a new passenger 'CVehicleSeatAnimInfo' (see below) -->
              <EntryPointInfo ref="ENTRY_POINT_STANDARD_FRONT_LEFT" />
              <EntryPointAnimInfo ref="ENTRY_POINT_ANIM_LOW_DUNE_FRONT_LEFT" />
              <EntryPointInfo ref="ENTRY_POINT_STANDARD_FRONT_RIGHT" />
              <EntryPointAnimInfo ref="ENTRY_POINT_ANIM_LOW_DUNE_FRONT_RIGHT" />
          <LayoutFlags>StreamAnims UseDoorOscillation UseLeanSteerAnims UseSteeringWheelIk</LayoutFlags>
          <BicycleInfo ref="NULL" />
    	  <AnimRateSet ref="STD_LOW_ANIM_RATE_SET" />
          <SteeringWheelOffset x="0.000000" y="0.350000" z="0.320000" />
          <MaxXAcceleration value="4.000000" />
          <BodyLeanXApproachSpeed value="5.000000" />
          <BodyLeanXSmallDelta value="0.300000" />

    New 'LAYOUT_LOW_RAMPBUGGY' Driver & Passenger 'CVehicleSeatAnimInfo' sections:


        <Item type="CVehicleSeatAnimInfo">
          <Name>SEAT_ANIM_LOW_RAMPBUGGY_FRONT_LEFT</Name> <!-- Matches driver seat line defined in 'LAYOUT_LOW_RAMPBUGGY' section above -->
          <DriveByInfo ref="DRIVEBY_LOW_FRONT_LEFT" />
          <InsideClipSetMap ref="INSIDE_CLIPSET_MAP_LOW_DUNE_FRONT_LEFT" />
          <AgitatedClipSet />
          <FemaleClipSet />
          <SeatAmbientContext />
          <SeatAnimFlags>UseStandardInVehicleAnims HasPanicAnims UseCloseDoorBlendAnims NoShunts</SeatAnimFlags> <!-- add 'NoShunts' flag here -->
          <SteeringSmoothing value="0.100000" />
          <ExitToAimInfoName />
    	  <FPSMinSteeringRateOverride value="2.00000" />
    	  <FPSMaxSteeringRateOverride value="9.00000" />


        <Item type="CVehicleSeatAnimInfo">
          <Name>SEAT_ANIM_LOW_RAMPBUGGY_FRONT_RIGHT</Name> <!-- Matches passenger seat line defined in 'LAYOUT_LOW_RAMPBUGGY' section above -->
          <DriveByInfo ref="DRIVEBY_LOW_FRONT_RIGHT" />
          <InsideClipSetMap ref="INSIDE_CLIPSET_MAP_LOW_FRONT_RIGHT" />
          <AgitatedClipSet />
          <FemaleClipSet />
          <SeatAnimFlags>WeaponAttachedToLeftHand UseCloseDoorBlendAnims UseStandardInVehicleAnims HasPanicAnims PreventShuffleJack NoShunts</SeatAnimFlags>  <!-- add 'NoShunts' flag here -->
          <SteeringSmoothing value="0.100000" />

  • @a63nt-5m1th I can't thank you enough for your effort :( I'm very happy it worked by the by but seriously my biggest thank is for your effort :( Thank you so so so so greatly much nicey friend <3 :rose:

  • @Aurora11
    No probs :slight_smile:, it was a good little investigation. I've never thought about looking in vehiclelayouts for stuff like that before. Turned out way better than I expected :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Quite right :blush: That file was always scared my eyes, now I'm feeling like I'm navigating through it with Hannah from Journey to the Center of the World :sparkling_heart:

    Vernians are amazing :rofl: :sparkles:

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