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Why are people so secretive of the Liberty City map?

  • So I've noticed something odd...

    There's been a few "Liberty City" themed mods uploaded here, for instance emergency service packs, with screencaps/videos of populated Liberty City maps showcasing the mods.

    Problem is, Liberty City is nowhere to be found and when asked about it you'll be met with either silence or "oh yeah there's several populated Liberty City mods out there, but I'm not telling you where."

    Why though? Like why is this such a secret?

  • I guess maybe if Take2 finds links for any LC mods, they'll take it down.

  • Do you think anyone knows or can PM the ones used in (but not limited to) this mod?


    I get it's most likely an ego thing or money making scam but ca'mon. There's so many floating around now and not a single person has the gonads to upload it somewhere or keep it on the DL.


  • Remember that when looking for things there are many different ways to say the same thing; Learning how to say the same thing differently will make you a MASTER of searching;

    Synonyms Saves Searches!

    What you're looking for is LibertyV;

  • what wetter said and also im sure its not a scam nor ego if people actually have it. Some people would just rather not get in trouble with one of the biggest companies in gaming by uploading links to the mod.

  • @Sympathy This is an old post, but let's just say if you know how to to find Google, it will take you about 10 seconds to find that mod. What's definitely less clear are the dozens of different versions with names like rewind or revisted etc.

  • Probably just different implementations tbh; Look at the videos / modpages for each and compare the features; Maybe some have subway systems and some don't. Some may optimize rendering, Some spawn ALONGSIDE GTA V map with small map changes while others spawn IN PLACE OF GTA V MAP;

  • @Wetter42 Exactly. Some have the bridge to LS for example, others don't. I checked out 2 or 3 different ones before unzipping the OIV and doing a manual install.

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