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[Script] SUPER MISSION MAKER (Make mission For Scripted Peds)

  • I just wish i could creat spectacular missions for For PowerFull Scripted peds,
    Something like aimless's Build A Misson/Mission Maker plus Those options, would help alot !

    Boss Fight and Strong Actors
    *ALOT life points for Peds/Vehicules... (Menyoo)
    *Ped Not Dying On Head Shots Option. (lunarknight's Ped Invastion script 'for reference')
    *Actor Attacking Rate/Attacking Accuracy , Damage Multiplier and moving speed Options.(Ped Invastion 'for reference')
    *Actor set Invincible/fireproof ect For a set time. (Menyoo/PedInvasion)

    Sci-Fi and Horror Scenarios
    *Peds/Props/Vehicles Perform SPECIAL EFFECTS animations for a set time. (Smoke,sparks,blood,electric .ect)
    *Set Peds/Props/Vehicles Opacity for a set time. (To Hide stuff/Ghostlike Actors/Teleportation illusion)
    *All Newest Vehicles and Weapons.
    (Menyoo can do this section 'for Reference')

    ALL those things, are things i seen befor in Menyoo and other Simple scripts like Ped Invasion
    But Menyoo and lunarknight's Ped Invasion ,creat Events , not missions :(

    GTA is a ActionHero game , Guns and Cars.
    Gta5-mods.com have so much SuperHeroes peds and Power scripts ,
    I use scripts like JulioNIB BATMAN this is time we get mission for those scripts!
    i would pay for something like that X)

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