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How to assign/remove exhaust backfire to/from vehicle?

  • Apparently the exhaust flames are embedded in the audio files of a vehicle. Well, how do you toggle backfire on and off? People who make audio files from scratch, how did you make backfire work?

  • @Sup321V
    What is it that you specifically want to do in this case? You can likely figure the rest out from one example. ie If you find a way to enable backfire, doing the opposite disables it etc.

    Give me more specific info on one of the examples you want to achieve. The hardest one is probably adding a backfire to a vehicle that does not have one, so go with that if you have a vehicle you want to do that with. If not, tell me the vehicle you want to disable it on etc.

    Presumably, you want the visual backfire & exhaust pop sounds to work together, but if not, or you just want to change one of them, let me know that too. Basically, just give me all the relevant info on the specific nature of one of the things you want to achieve. If the vehicle is an add-on/replace, link to it & any other files needed, so I can download it/them & see what's possible & let you know etc. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Ok, how do I add exhaust backfire (the visual + audio effect) to a vanilla car that has none?
    Or how do I remove exhaust backfire from a vanilla sports car without turning the entire exhaust particles off?
    And is there any way to change the particles of one specific car without changing them for all cars (say i want blue exhaust flames but on one car only)?
    Also have a nice day

  • @Sup321V

    • Give me the name of the vanilla vehicle that does not have audio or visual backfire effects that you want to add the backfire effects to.
    • Give me an example of a vanilla vehicle that has backfire effects (any will do, but closer to the effect you want to achieve would be better. I'm a run & drive & gun player, I don't notice these things, will save me some time, & make answering more specific/easier to understand).
    • Give me an example of a community made engine sound mod that adds both audio & visual backfire effects to a vanilla vehicle that does not have them.


    I'm not confident it can be done (adding the visual backfire effect to vanilla vehicle that has none. Audio can be added easily enough tho) without the use of ZModeler, only your info about audio mod creators achieving it makes me question that. Where did you get that info? Link to it if you can.

    This will be an investigation into what I can conceive as possible this side of creating a script or using ZModeler. Basically, what can be done using standard game file types alone (& potentially adding new files of those types ofc). The more specific you are with an exact example & links to any 3rd party files etc, the quicker I can get into testing things. The general process (if one is possible) can be figured out easily enough after, what we need now is as many variables removed as possible, so the issue can be targeted quickly & precisely. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    See here :

    Therefore i didn't add specific car names, because the effect isn't specific to cars. The exhaust backfire (the flame effect particles) is identical to all cars that have it afaik. It simply changes the smoke particles to flames, zmodeler3 has nothing to do with it apparently.
    Any vanilla car can gain backfire by changing its audio hash to any car that has backfire.
    So backfire is enabled by some audio entry.
    It doesn't matter whether i want to add backfire to a bison or a trashmaster. Inside a race cars audio (for example zentorno, it doesn't matter) there is a line or entry that toggles flames on.

  • @Sup321V
    I have indeed confirmed that that works (giving washington the sultanrs audio hash gives it audio & visual backfire effect). Albeit the visual effect was a little off, only one backfire left & right (2 total) when washington has 4 exhausts total etc. That might be an issue you have to contend with no matter how it's done with game files alone. Might have to take the backfire effect from a similar vehicle with the same amount of exhausts etc (that might work) or fix/add more exhaust dummies in ZModeler etc.

    I'll investigate if there is a way to achieve adding audio/visual backfire effects & keep the original engine sounds. I'll test that right now, shouldn't take long... :thumbsup:

    :tools: :nut_and_bolt: :wrench: ...Sometime later...

    ...Yeah, that's totally possible :thumbsup:

    I have a few engine audio related tuts on my profile page, there is a lot of good information in them, including detailed descriptions of how to edit '.rel' files . Start with this one if you have a look at them, but basically to add backfire effects to a vehicle that does not have them by default, you do this:

    Add Exhaust Backfire - Instructions:

    • Download/install/use CodeWalker's RPF Explorer to export the games 'game' '.rel' files (the ones with 'game.dat' in the name ('game.dat151.rel' for example), ignore the numbers as it's possible for them to be different (149, 150, 151 etc)) to XML ('.rel.xml') & edit them with a text editor (Notepad++ etc). There are many different ones stored in different dlc's with the base game one being here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\audio\config\game.dat151.rel

    Find the ones you want to edit & the one you want to copy info from (they will likely be in the same dlc as the vehicles are, in a 'x64\audio' or 'x64\audio\config' folder structure) & export them (CodeWalker's RPF Explorer > right-click file > 'Export XML...') to a Windows folder of your chioce.

    • Open the 'game.dat' '.rel' file/s in your text editor & search for the game name (washington etc) of the vehicle you want to give/add backfire effects to.
    • Under it's name, copy the data (it'll either be in English or hash form, doesn't matter which) entered in the '<Engine>' line (washington > '<Engine>' line > hash_390C6146 for example) & search the rest of the file for it
    • You will then find a '"VehicleEngine"' section with that English name or hash in it's '<Name>' line
    • Scroll down in that '"VehicleEngine"' section until you find the lines '<ExhaustPops>' & '<ExhaustPopsUpgraded>'
    • You then edit those lines (one is for default/always on, the other when exhaust is upgraded) to the same as another vehicle that has backfire effects by default.
    • Save the file after & reimport it back into the game in it's original location using CodeWalker (In CodeWalker's RPF Explorer > right-click anywhere within the original folder > 'Import XML...' > navigate & select file (RPF Explorer file UI will blink when import complete)).
    • Test changes in-game

    Remove Exhaust Backfire - Instructions:
    To do the opposite, & remove a backfire effect, just set the vehicle's 'ExhaustPops' lines mentioned above to 'null_sound':



    That should be all that is required. As mentioned, tons of detailed info in the vehicle engine tuts on my profile page. If you intend to edit vehicle sounds, give them a read as they cover all the basics of accessing & editing '.rel' files & some details on how the 'game.dat' & 'sounds.dat' files relate to one another etc.

    When you see my tuts, especially the 'How to create an add-on engine sounds dlc' one, you'll understand why I was asking for as much detail as possble :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Thank you for taking the time to figure it out and post a detailed, comprehensive answer!
    I'll check it out when i get home

    Update :
    This works!
    You are a life-saver.

  • You are a freaking genius @a63nt-5m1th. Much appreciation bruv. I've been able to add backfires to addon sounds. Thanks mate.

  • @Yunky
    Cheers, glad it helped :thumbsup:

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